Hotel History

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Hotel History
Hotel History

Development of productive forces to promote the hotel industry. The first is the currency generation, commodity trading and traders of commercial activities, such activities generate the hotel a prerequisite for the beginning, and later with the expansion of commodity activities have enabled the human range of activities, thereby creating more demand for housing, etc., also so that increasing the basic functions of the hotel, which of the four stages of development from the hotel hard to find.

1st Period: Period Inn
Resulting in the eighteenth century, when the name of the inn, poorly equipped, security is poor, can only provide shelter, food, service quality is poor.

Second period: the period luxury hotel
Resulting in the nineteenth century, when Britain’s industrial revolution has promoted the development of productive forces, so that the human society entered the industrial age. The first luxury hotel built villas in France. At this time the hotel’s reception was mainly targeted at nobility, high-brow types, businessmen, upper class vacationers, reception aimed at non-profit, often built in the city, along the railway.
At the same time due to the emergence of the steam engine, commodities further enriched, traffic began to developed, leading to opening of the hotel location change.

The third period: Commercial Hotel during the
In the early 20th century to World War II, the first commercial hotel in the United States appear, their location in urban centers or highways, this time the hotel has been able to provide comfortable, convenient, clean service, security for the principle of service, reasonable prices. At this point motels have begun to emerge.

Fourth period: Modern Hotel during the
Began in the 20th century, 40 years, until now. At this point the hotel has some obvious features, such as hotels chain
Use high-tech (in the guest rooms equipped with the Internet, using a new type of decorative materials, etc.); the same time, hotel guests asked to provide more personalized service. The hotel’s market positioning is more specialized, all types of hotels full

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