The world’s highest hotel

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The world’s most luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai when the number of United Arab Emirates (BurjAl-Arab) hotel, which is the seven-star hotel. There will soon Haitang Bay, built by the Jindianjituan Bay Begonia spent 1.68 billion to build seven-star hotel.
Rotary’s highest hotel — Switzerland Allalin hotel. This hotel built in the Alps mountains, 3,500 meters above sea level. The entire hotel rotate every 1 hour a week, customers dine, they can enjoy the beautiful scenery around the Alps.

Israel’s first underwater hotel — RedSeaStars hotel. This hotel opened in 1993, customers can dine here, while eating fresh seafood, while watching the underwater world.

The most unusual hotel — Spanish ElBulli hotel. In this hotel, the customer taste to the world’s most unique and most bizarre process of the rich and delicious food. Its unique flavor can be said that a hotel anywhere in the world will not enjoy.

The largest hotel in Bangkok, Thailand — TumNukThai hotel. In an area of four football fields, just a central hall can host 5,000 guests. Here all the attendants were wearing roller shoes to customer service.

The oldest hotel in Paris LeGrandveyour hotel. This hotel was built in 1784, French history, almost all the most famous of those who have been to this hotel dining. Hotels in all of the meals have always maintained the characteristics of the oldest in France, where all the furnishings are authentic French antiques.

The smallest hotel: Finland Kuappi hotel. This hotel is only a single small restaurant, the restaurant is located just two seats, one that only receives two customers.

The most beautiful and most elegant hotels: Moscow Turandot special hotel. The hotel from the dozens of the world’s leading design firm designed and built entirely antique building, which facilities are elegant noble palace-style furnishings. Hotels facing the ancient Chinese porcelain, Russia, the old fireplace, branch-shaped candlesticks, and lighthouse.

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