95.5% of the intensification of the public to choose public transport to visit the Expo

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Transport Group has been informed from the World Expo, the Expo will be publicized transportation security plan fully endorsed by various sectors of society, social survey, 95.5% of the people willing to choose intensive public transport to the Expo site to visit World Expo.

It is understood that, in order to allow the community and the public to know the Expo transport security work, and the formation of the whole society to participate in the traffic to protect the good atmosphere of the Expo 2010, January 8 to 18, the Shanghai World Expo will organize a working group adopted the Leading Group for Traffic Expo LONDON, Shanghai Municipal Urban and Rural Construction and Transport Committee of the Expo transportation support portal will be a 10-day program of publicity, and through the news media had widely publicized and detailed interpretation. Publicity period, LONDON conducted a social survey, the findings showed that 95.5% of the public to choose intensive mode of public transport to visit the World Expo, of which 49.25% of the members of the public during the World Expo prefer rail transit to the Park; choice of conventional public transport accounted for 22.38 %; choose the Expo line accounted for 5.97%; choice of a travel chartered accounted for 8.95%; choice of water transport accounted for 8.95%. Choose other forms of transport accounted for 4.47%.


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