Shanghai huangpu river

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Shanghai huangpu river

Shanghai huangpu river

Each of the international metropolis in the world are associated with a famous river. The river of history, the precipitation of the city, the witness, the city’s bustling feeding, washing over the city and the city is closely linked, and became a part of the city and deeply impressed at everyone. The river Thames flows through London, Paris, the Danube river Seine shine through Budapest. … They also like the huangpu river become the symbol of Shanghai, filled with people of Shanghai’s memory. Hundred years vicissitudes of life, now has the huangpu river as an important tourist receives thousands of games in the world, also become the symbol of a city of culture.

The huangpu river in Shanghai, is one of the indispensable in tourism. Walking in the river by boat, the cross-strait scenery greeted us. Across the huangpu river in yangpu bridge, Nanpu Bridge and Shanghai Oriental pearl TV tower. Pujiang west of the narrowest it with rich color styles of architecture and exotic eastern nations ground layer between the towering clouds of modern architecture exterior design, dazzling, the heart of praise.
WuSongKou huangpu river, Yangtze river and east rendezvous place three water. Every tide, when he would have “three clip water” spectacle.

The huangpu river from downtown, the Yangtze river water is caesious brings is yellow, with water and sediment and water is east of the green color, three different colors of water, it seemed, colorful “three clip, a water” wonderland.
Towards the huangpu river, carefree, in quiet shore set looks more beautiful, enchanting. Do come along the huangpu river, lights, the lights on. All the lights backdrop of architectural exhibition “, “which is commonly, not falling, such as mind god chung fairyland.


Scenic tourist clew:
Tickets: free
Arrived in Shanghai city: 20, 22, 37, 42, 55, 65, 71, 123, 503, 126, 127, 135, 145, 934, 251, 940, 576, 831, 868, 921, 926 910, etc, all can bus 928.
Open time: 09:10 to 22:00

The Oriental pearl TV tower

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Located in Shanghai pudong lujiazui, they. Tower in Asia, the first, the tower. The Oriental pearl tower embrace modern lujiazui back across the river, and the building blocks of the kingdoms of building expo inter-shining, show the international metropolis Shanghai grand view, has become the symbol of reform and opening-up.

The Oriental pearl TV tower

The Oriental pearl TV tower

The Oriental pearl tower unique design style, craftsmanship. 11 sizes by air through the sphere, two like ruby red giant is high, bright sphere lonely. So full of Oriental emotional appeal, the construction characteristics, not only the achievement Oriental pearl TV tower, the appearance is also created Chinese poetry in “big bead jade plate” artistic conception.

Oriental pearl TV tower by three pillars for 9 meters in diameter, capsule, the bull sphere, sphere, the next five balls, tower and square. The internal can carry 50 double elevator and seven meters per second for high-speed elevators have only domestic. At the same time, high 263 meters, is having the spherical walkway eye grand Shanghai excellent position. 267 meters of revolving restaurant unique style, each hour is a whirl, a sense of heavenly sit, In addition, the pearl of the Orient and disco dance, piano bar and 20 meters in 271 KTV.

No, the Oriental pearl TV tower, overlooking lights on, colourful lights under the tower, to reflect the sky, and night until the lights of Shanghai together with the express “Oriental Paris” rich and open.

Scenic tourist clew:
Tickets: 50 yuan ($263 meters), 100 yuan (walkway three goals), Shanghai museum of history 20 yuan (us $100 to buy tickets to the Oriental pearl, can visit).
The way to Shanghai no.2 metro line 3 line, bus, 81, 82, 85, 870 etc all can reach. The road,
Open time: 08:00 to 21
The best travel time, within four seasons: choose clear up to date, can enjoy Shanghai grand view.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace