Metropole Hotel

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The thirties, tourists from afar has the Bund and the dumping of exotic architectural ambience. In 1930 by the Jewish Association during World War II Shanghai, Changsha, Mr. Wilson built with funds Shanghai Metropole Hotel (formerly the capital of hotels), as a birthday gift for his beloved daughter. Baroque style, with its typical architectural style of semi-circular concave pyramid, in the Bund’s “10000 State Building” in center stage, its to create a “City Life” is popular at that time known as the “Oriental Paris” on the beach.

Metropole Hotel is located in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Road junction, the main entrance at the corner, the door to account for three-bay, in the middle for four-leaf revolving door, the door is located on top of large rain shelter. Building 14 on the ground floor, one floor underground. 8-layer and above the gradual contraction in the formation of a central tower. Facade with vertical lines, mainly to deal with simple. Building ground floor lobby and main desk is located hotels, is located two-story luxury bars and dance halls, three floors above the guest rooms. The community was patronized by celebrities congregate sites, including the Miss Song Meiling, Mr. Mei Lanfang, including celebrities have visited. Mei Lanfang, who also made many paintings Metro restaurants. Mei Lanfang leaving perfect stage for many years, “a beard Ming-chi,” by Mai Hua living, has attracted worldwide admiration. In April 1945, Mei Lanfang hotels in Shanghai, Fuzhou Road, Metro held personal exhibitions in order to “double red bean map” “Tiannvsanhua map” as a bright spot in more than 170 pieces of works were sold out. Re-opened after renovation in 1964 changed its name to Metropole Hotel.

Early years after liberation, where Shanghai Chemical Industry Bureau and other units who have used the building been renovated in 1964, later renamed as the Metropole Hotel, reply hotel business, now restored Metropole Hotel, the old hotel signs.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace