Shanghai Water Transport

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Shanghai is the world’s largest port, in 2008, its total port cargo throughput of 500 million 81.7 million tons. At the same time, which is second only to Singapore, the world’s second largest container port in 2008 annual container throughput of 2,801 million standard.

Shanghai has always been one of China’s largest port city. Starting from Shanghai’s passenger freighter capable of reaching the sea more than 400 ports in the world. As the boat trip is too slow, currently there are four days a group of terminals a fair way to Dalian, the car passenger ferry routes, the remaining long-haul routes along the coast have been suspended.

Was originally located on the Bund Shiliupu pier there was only sent to Nantong, Dinghai and Putuo Mountain and other adjacent areas of the ship classes at 1:00 on December 2, 2005, Shiliupu Terminal 2 building blasting success, walk 140 years time, Shanghai Shiliupu Ferry Terminal, bid farewell to the stage of history, the future, Shiliupu terminal as a water-related tourism centers.

Go to Chongming Island, prior to distinguish embarkation location, away Changxing, Hengsha Island is all Wusong pier embarkation. In addition, Shanghai also go to South Korea’s Inchon, Pusan, Osaka, Japan, Kobe, an international cruise ships, in the Waigaoqiao pier embarkation.

Shanghai in 2005, the total cargo throughput reached 443 million tons, becoming the world’s largest cargo port.

Yangshan deep water port of Shanghai International Shipping Center, December 10, 2005 officially opened in Hong Kong, marking the Shanghai international shipping center toward the goal with great strides.

Shanghai highway long-distance passenger transport

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Shanghai is now within the city to build an elevated ring, middle ring, outer ring road connecting the highways is very convenient. Dense highway network in Yangtze River Delta, the main north to the (direction, Jiangsu, Beijing, direction) are: Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, along the highway; south (Zhejiang direction) are: Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge. The main long-distance bus station: Shanghai Long Distance Bus Terminal, Shanghai,
Long-distance passenger South Station. In addition there are sent to Xinjiang, Tibet, northeast, southwest and northwest provinces and autonomous regions outside of the country most of the long-distance passenger bus. Road transport is also a connecting Shanghai to Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, small and medium cities, the county seat of the main modes of transport.

Taikang Lu Tian Fang

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Taikang Lu Tian Fang

[Past] had a number of former factory

Shanghai, Tian Fang, from their old transform into art Square Lanes. To say “Tian Zhi Fang” should talk in Tai Kang Road in Shanghai, Tai Kang Road was originally a side street in Da Pu Qiao area, 1998 years ago, this was still a street market, since the district government in September 1998 after the implementation of the road market burglary to Taikang road re-laying the road, Shanghai will position it as “features Street.” By the end of 1998, the famous painter Chen Yifei, Er Dong Qiang, Wang Jie Yin, Wang Chun and other artists, and some craft stores have settled in Tai Kang Road, so that this little-known feature of street art and the wind started blowing.

“Tian Corner” was originally a small lane in a number of old factory, now get to build factories within the artistic essence of Tai Kang Road. An old factory into the studio, after the decorative arts reflect the decidedly different style and atmosphere. Now, within a five-layer Square, an old factory has been converted into “urban industrial buildings,” introduced in the 5000 square meters in 10 countries and regions of art groups, artists set up in the lanes and alleys where the design room, studio, transformed into a stand the global avant-garde, fashion forward positions on the.

[Wandering] the whole alley are foreign friends

Shanghai Tian Square to stroll, then, we must take leisure, doing nothing, and there is a respect for art, like the English heart.

Random, stop-go. Best to sit down to drink tea or coffee, eating authentic western food at noon, with a smile, looking foreigners. Because almost the entire alley are foreign friends, they particularly like the old Shanghai of this, “You Nong Nong I” and style, some old, some creativity, some pretending to elegance. Sitting in the street cafes, watching people come and go, there are wedding photographs of the newcomers, there are whispers of foreigners, there are busy-looking alleys Aborigines. Most of the old walls have new works of graffiti, colorful and relaxed people mentality and feel that is a “100 no scruples” free paradise.

Enough rest, the left to see a studio, and then some Amoy hand crafts. Because Tian Square itself is a creative world, then stationed in each of a shop here, from design to product is unique, every owner of a shop is the creative wisdom shines. This makes travel around the country used to seeing a lot of tourist cities in the eyes of a unified national product, has been touched by the passion of a sudden.

[People] was so soaked in coffee shops

IVY (User): I like a coffee shop, called “Dan.” I remember the first time and friends in the “Dan” on the second floor sitting under a small skylight, finished work very fine Japanese cuisine, and then enjoy first-hand from the off I was only a high glass roof flows down the sun, like himself soaked in coffee and the sun filled with air, not hypocritical, is happy. “Dan” is the owner of the older Japanese, the wife is Chinese, after retirement with his wife back to China. Nest home in such a day filled with the aroma of coffee huts, the everyday cook the coffee seriously, such a life of happiness are so inadvertently.

Tian Fang so why fame?

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Chen Yifei: Zhejiang Zhenhai people, renowned Chinese painter. In 1985, U.S. oil magnate Hamoboshi visit to China, and once the works of Chen Yifei “memories of home – Double Bridge” as a gift to Deng Xiaoping.

Er Dong Qiang: well-known photographer, the reporter. By western media as “scholar-artist”, had been “Times” reported.

Fame process:

, Lane 210 Tai Kang Road, Tian Fang, and an inconspicuous Shanghai Alley. The original lane of some abandoned inside the plant, a mechanical storage, but also food warehouse. It is because of Chen Yifei, Er Dong Qiang and Huang Yongyu the presence overnight fame.

An alley wearing red armbands with the subject of the old man whom I know, half of an alley, “Chen Yifei’s all.” Bookstore to the source from the Han Tian Fang, Er-Dong strong feeling is that a large space, so they can play a number of bookstores could not play in the Chinese source of fun programs. Tian Fang settled after the Deke Erh Art Center in less than one year’s time, has organized a salon opera, jazz, piano recitals and a variety of photographic exhibition, print exhibition and many other activities. Deke Erh’s goal is to make his art storage facility for domestic and international non-governmental exchanges between artists, venues.

Jinmao tower in Shanghai 88 floors walkway

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Jinmao tower in Shanghai pudong lujiazui finance &trade zone, and the famous bund scenic area of pearl river in Shanghai, China, the foreign trade center Co., LTD. Invested and management, the Chicago SOM architecture design firm, total height is $420.5 meters, is the world’s third, China’s tallest, covers an area of 2.3 million square meters, ground 88 floors, underground layer 3 podium, 6 layers, with a total construction area of 29 million square meters. Jinmao tower has offices, grand hyatt, walkway, etc. Jinmao tower in modern style, and have both national style, the Shanghai towards the 21st century’s a landmark.

Jinmao tower

Jinmao tower

Article 88 floors walkway jinmao tower, height is 340.1 meters, the area is 1520 square meters, is now the largest walkway. Walkway decorate luxurious, imported natural marble, metope is only 3 millimeter; material thickness, Glass curtain wall, broadminded, overlooking the huangpu river, the cross-strait pinglan urban landscape and the magnificent at kethleen ‘s5 river. Two metres per second operation to lift and 9.1 only 45 seconds can be tourists from underground to 88 floors walkway. Here, you can enjoy the wonderful light and sun, and changing the blue sky and white clouds friendly handshake.

Address: century avenue. 2
Telephone: 50470088
Open time: 8-21
Tickets: 50 yuan, children’s 25 yuan, students at 25 yuan, student id (88 floors walkway)
Transportation: the metro line 2, bus lines 81, 82, 870, 871, 872, tunnel three, four, five, six lines, etc

Shanghai people’s park

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Administrative and cultural center in Shanghai, the people’s park is part of the old Shanghai racetrack, after many conversions, now the people’s park although has no sand-storm scale, but the green, water stone set each other off. In the concrete jungle wipe on a green.

Health is a paradise ShiChi elliptic, said it was ShiChi, because it is filled with pebbles, dense shakedown is walking can massage foot on stone acupuncture, health benefits. In the pool and a special crushed stone were erected, this isn’t a fly again, but it does some “first”, from the Antarctic penguins, is China’s hometown dates from the Antarctic team QiaoZhiDao back.

Bess chestwood is a beautiful lotus, its backing, covered with green jade green reeds in the pond, summer, pink bud through a chink out and graceful. There is a kind of “silt but don’t dye QingLian zhuo, rather than” lasting appeal.

Fitness area near a corner, holiday, there are a lot of students with the English lovers party, was coming into practice spoken English, good places to general friend.

At sunset, lovers walking in this company, or 3 double cease day in this extended all very nicely.

A: by the people’s park is located in the “the May 30th movement”, because of monumental sculptures, has been moved to the city of nanjing road greening outside the park on the subway people square adjacent (standing exit). 16.65 meters high, “the May 30th movement commemorative sculpture” at least three aspects: first, using the characteristic abstraction and exaggerated modelling with Chinese characteristics and composition of the two words “50” deformation, magnificent, Second, pay attention to the sculpture in harmony with the environment, “50” each pen is a powerful stubborn individual, the sculpture and formed a firm’s overall. Third, the use of stainless steel qualitative material, deepen the May 30th movement. The sculpture with its chic modelling, novel design, anacreontic and sedate, reflected the revolutionary martyrs clank iron character of the intellectual, concise and XiLian new era, the more prosperous, a Shanghai people’s pioneering spirit.

Open time: 6:00-18:00
Tickets: 2 yuan


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Jiading can mean:
1, jiading district, Shanghai, China: a municipal districts under.
2, jiading: China southern ZhaoKuo nianhao, the SongNingZong by 1208. – 1224,
Ho chi minh city, Vietnam’s old three say.

Shanghai dialect tone

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“To stress evolution tendency tone of voice. Shanghai from eight merged into five, in fact, only the remaining a falling tone (an) and a flat ascending, very simple. It makes the shanghainese tone, free reading can be quite broad variation, such as falling tone read ’53’¬†‘ ‘552’ ‘ 51’ does not affect the listening, reading JiangSheng cost rising tone will influence understanding speech with vocabulary words grammar.

Adjustable mainstream bi-syllable even after WuYuZhong fastest in Shanghai evolution to” extended “, even after losing the independence of all tones and weakening adhesion, again to QuSheYu changes.

The former words sound tuning, besides, the only one with high hoisting, Shanghai word or phrase in speech already like Japanese incorrect pronunciation.

 Currently, Shanghai discourse, language relatively stable phoneme has two kinds, one kind is the initials, is a former words, these two types of led tone of Shanghai dialect speech phonemes are plays an important role of stability.

QianNaiRong (Shanghai) language development.

Shanghai dialect has been considered the most influential and representative of chuzhou dialects, due to rapid change of population fusion, already more and more representative and the characteristics of chuzhou lost.

Therefore said Shanghai dialect has become a “silent” tone is the unique Chinese dialects pitch stress.

Shanghai longhua tower of history

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According to the history, the tower of longhua the emperor kangxi years LongHuaZhi “, “three kingdoms period can be traced back to. WuChi uzziah KangSengHui years, sun, for five-color shariputra stupa in thirteen has a deposit. Longhua tower is one of the bridge. Longhua temple of history to late YuLongHua tower, founded in tang ChuiGong about three years.

Huang chaos uprising period, the temple was destroyed and prey. In song dynasty, yue king Chu money capital after the reconstruction of ancient temples, longhua temple was renamed empty phase. This is a period of history, can be in the temple YuLongHua preserving boundary tablets inside the temple. The cloud “, and “empty phase in longhua temple, ZhangRenTai, please, no QianZhongYi king was old, PingNian change SongZhi longhua today”. Later, in the air in the temple in the war, damaged and built in Ming yongle and restored longhua temple’s name. After the renovation of qing dynasty, temple at longhua frequently for now. The development scale, Longhua temple in Ming dynasty is in Taiwan, jiangnan being one of ten brake sect.

Longhua temple and other temples to the biggest difference lies in its offering of maitreya. Longhua temple is the first temple, the temple of maitreya is the puppet monk sinologized maitreya sculptures, TianWangDian also holds the days of coronary maitreya. Namely, the maitreya statues at longhua temple in more than normal. Somebody thinks longhua temple is maitreya, its reason, besides dojo demoniac maitreya, longhua temple mode of “longhua”. The melting maitreya “, “FaYuan ZhuLin buddhist thought of maitreya bodhisattva will be kept at longhua tree enlightenment. Longhua temple whether maitreya bodhisattva, the author of the dojo. But one thing is for sure, along with the faith in China maitreya longhua temple constant development, the influence is gradually enlarged. In Buddhism, the belief in longhua town areas widely represented the Chinese dragon ze native deity. Before the uprising in huang chaos in ancient temples, have special longhua enshrined in a wide ze dragon temple.

Wide ze, according to the LongHuaZhi dragon “, is an indigenous deities longhua. KangSengHui passing longhua, think this is quiet, in this building buddhist vow, he occupied territory, the wide ze dragon and will receive for protective ze dragon. This story, from the aspects of the faith, a belief in Buddhism and native dragon king belief fusion process. Longhua area is broad ze earlier beliefs to dragon king (or as a representative of the dragon ze dragon), the region, with the longhua waterway in the fishery production most people have very close relationship. After the han dynasty, the buddhist with translation and buddhist stories circulating in the buddhist deity, folk folk, and gradually into the local folk of god. In the numerous legends longhua temple fair, “kang sangha will ze dragon” legend of protective of this process is the specific vivid reflection. In the Ming dynasty, in ZhuYi he testified and queen longhua temple adjudicates very seriously. Twenty-nine years (from wanli in 1610) during the four years, the government has given longhua temple FanJin letter telling 718, covering the Buddha luo Vishnu and a statue of a book ChengEnTang plaque skulls, solemn and antiquities, and a nanoparticles, etc. Longhua temple at fixed jiangnan, become a famous dojo, four south of dachaoshan pilgrimages admiring. This is the famous longhua temple fair.

According to research, longhua temple fair in song dynasty was well-development period.

In the Ming dynasty, with the famous far sow longhua temple and the development of commodity economy, the longhua temple fair and gradually become prosperous. In qing dynasty, longhua temple fair into its heyday. QingRen wrote many poems are the sites of qiang longhua temple fair. The CaoZhong already ugly shangsi like China, have into one writes: “spring march, busy every those meshach incense.” vegetarian zhai The features of the Shanghai QinRongGuang also depict way: “sweet xun’s march out half smoke”, top longhua. Folk have “march, longhua” and “burn incense burning, y., a good mother” proverbs [6]. Longhua temple fair – the condition has been extended to the republic of China period. In 1926, namely (15 April 5th shenbao appeared on a title as “the lively” yesterday longhua tourists. News: “French concession to the LuErLu shiliupu xujiahui trolley bus downtown and the organizers are crowded, passengers longhua abnormal”, “vehicles and pedestrians from 9 a.m., the uninterrupted, when the sunset, beginning at longhua temple inside. ZhongGu uproarious, cigarette in vehicle parked on both sides. Market about hundreds of”. This year the longhua temple fair, tourists to the police that includes the maintenance of public order: “the town in the county police four distinguish with longhua defend specially armed police each regiment, maintaining market order and send to each, patrol points to protect”.

Shanghai longhua temple fair

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Shanghai longhua temple fair is the east China area has a long history and follow up, it is one of the temple fairs, commodity folk beliefs and entertainment induces comprehensive temple. In longhua temple longhua temple fair for the center, distributed mainly in Shanghai city north on MAO male bridge (longhua road junctions), south to huarong rd (longhua road) and the key bridge road crossings as kilometers long and narrow strip.
The longhua town street namely longhua center of area, its history can be traced back to the earliest three kingdoms period. Longhua town region, sanguo era has appeared in longhua town “rootless”, the name of the eastern jin dynasty appeared again “longhua port” name. Tang, longhua region has subordinate Lutheran, kunshan, huating county. Now, with the population reproduction and natural villages and market expanding gradually formed longhua. Fifth, “longhua village”. Three years in southern ChengChun 1,267 (Shanghai), the building, The early yuan, has become the ancient letters in longhua town is one of important post, the market has already begun to take shape, In the Ming dynasty, the longhua has built quite prosperous town, longhua temple fair has become. From the historical point of view, the formation of the ancient history of longhua earlier in the history of Shanghai. In the long boom town gradually development process, the traditional cultural accumulation, precipitation, the full development. Longhua temple fair have profound traditional culture is its existence to the development of an important reasons. This is a common cultural matters of the law: with profound cultural heritage, the influence of the term, the longer it will take time. In addition, longhua town with a superior geographical environment. In the Ming dynasty, the dragon China port in town, east and west, and even the huangpu river, pond is PuHui caohejing longhua town of water transport arteries. Is this the huangpu river water, on one hand, convenient and connected east railway goods. On the other hand, longhua connected port and PuHui pond, caohejing longhua town and other areas of Shanghai are convenient traffic. Convenient traffic, whether in the agricultural society or industrial society, economy and culture in the impact of communication is immeasurable.

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