Shanghai people’s park

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Administrative and cultural center in Shanghai, the people’s park is part of the old Shanghai racetrack, after many conversions, now the people’s park although has no sand-storm scale, but the green, water stone set each other off. In the concrete jungle wipe on a green.

Health is a paradise ShiChi elliptic, said it was ShiChi, because it is filled with pebbles, dense shakedown is walking can massage foot on stone acupuncture, health benefits. In the pool and a special crushed stone were erected, this isn’t a fly again, but it does some “first”, from the Antarctic penguins, is China’s hometown dates from the Antarctic team QiaoZhiDao back.

Bess chestwood is a beautiful lotus, its backing, covered with green jade green reeds in the pond, summer, pink bud through a chink out and graceful. There is a kind of “silt but don’t dye QingLian zhuo, rather than” lasting appeal.

Fitness area near a corner, holiday, there are a lot of students with the English lovers party, was coming into practice spoken English, good places to general friend.

At sunset, lovers walking in this company, or 3 double cease day in this extended all very nicely.

A: by the people’s park is located in the “the May 30th movement”, because of monumental sculptures, has been moved to the city of nanjing road greening outside the park on the subway people square adjacent (standing exit). 16.65 meters high, “the May 30th movement commemorative sculpture” at least three aspects: first, using the characteristic abstraction and exaggerated modelling with Chinese characteristics and composition of the two words “50” deformation, magnificent, Second, pay attention to the sculpture in harmony with the environment, “50” each pen is a powerful stubborn individual, the sculpture and formed a firm’s overall. Third, the use of stainless steel qualitative material, deepen the May 30th movement. The sculpture with its chic modelling, novel design, anacreontic and sedate, reflected the revolutionary martyrs clank iron character of the intellectual, concise and XiLian new era, the more prosperous, a Shanghai people’s pioneering spirit.

Open time: 6:00-18:00
Tickets: 2 yuan

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace