Golden Gate Hotel

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In 1926, the first Chinese-owned life insurance company Hua gregarious Hoju Inc. (established 1911) from the Bund, Nanjing Road West, on the 30th to move into self-built Hua Building (now the Golden Gate Hotel). Shanghai the first Chinese-owned insurance companies to set up the first year of the Qing dynasty (1875) founded by the steamship China Merchants China Merchants Insurance. Guangxu two years, Yan and insurance companies set up. Guangxu four years, the insurance renamed China Merchants economic and insurance companies. Guangxu twelve years, Renhe, economic, and the two companies combined to form the Yan Chai and insurance companies, bear the Merchants their own boats and water transport insurance, the company addresses in Jiangxi Province Road 212. After 20 years without a new company, to the dynasty, thirty-one years to thirty-three years between, there are Xinghua, Hua, Hua Cheng, Hua Tong four insurance companies.

Golden Gate Hotel stands on the former building has been the beach. In 1940, the Golden Gate Hotel opened in the beach dignitaries whom tide, Yang Zhi-known to be called the year of the famous ten-mile high buildings, was the celebrity elite Shu-Yuan Cai Cui place. In 1958, renamed the “Overseas Chinese Hotel,” for overseas travels to the mainland of the elegant homes. In 1992, the restored “Golden Gate Hotel,” was originally called, reproduce the classic style.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace