Shanghai longhua temple fair

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Shanghai longhua temple fair is the east China area has a long history and follow up, it is one of the temple fairs, commodity folk beliefs and entertainment induces comprehensive temple. In longhua temple longhua temple fair for the center, distributed mainly in Shanghai city north on MAO male bridge (longhua road junctions), south to huarong rd (longhua road) and the key bridge road crossings as kilometers long and narrow strip.
The longhua town street namely longhua center of area, its history can be traced back to the earliest three kingdoms period. Longhua town region, sanguo era has appeared in longhua town “rootless”, the name of the eastern jin dynasty appeared again “longhua port” name. Tang, longhua region has subordinate Lutheran, kunshan, huating county. Now, with the population reproduction and natural villages and market expanding gradually formed longhua. Fifth, “longhua village”. Three years in southern ChengChun 1,267 (Shanghai), the building, The early yuan, has become the ancient letters in longhua town is one of important post, the market has already begun to take shape, In the Ming dynasty, the longhua has built quite prosperous town, longhua temple fair has become. From the historical point of view, the formation of the ancient history of longhua earlier in the history of Shanghai. In the long boom town gradually development process, the traditional cultural accumulation, precipitation, the full development. Longhua temple fair have profound traditional culture is its existence to the development of an important reasons. This is a common cultural matters of the law: with profound cultural heritage, the influence of the term, the longer it will take time. In addition, longhua town with a superior geographical environment. In the Ming dynasty, the dragon China port in town, east and west, and even the huangpu river, pond is PuHui caohejing longhua town of water transport arteries. Is this the huangpu river water, on one hand, convenient and connected east railway goods. On the other hand, longhua connected port and PuHui pond, caohejing longhua town and other areas of Shanghai are convenient traffic. Convenient traffic, whether in the agricultural society or industrial society, economy and culture in the impact of communication is immeasurable.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace