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“To stress evolution tendency tone of voice. Shanghai from eight merged into five, in fact, only the remaining a falling tone (an) and a flat ascending, very simple. It makes the shanghainese tone, free reading can be quite broad variation, such as falling tone read ’53’¬†‘ ‘552’ ‘ 51’ does not affect the listening, reading JiangSheng cost rising tone will influence understanding speech with vocabulary words grammar.

Adjustable mainstream bi-syllable even after WuYuZhong fastest in Shanghai evolution to” extended “, even after losing the independence of all tones and weakening adhesion, again to QuSheYu changes.

The former words sound tuning, besides, the only one with high hoisting, Shanghai word or phrase in speech already like Japanese incorrect pronunciation.

 Currently, Shanghai discourse, language relatively stable phoneme has two kinds, one kind is the initials, is a former words, these two types of led tone of Shanghai dialect speech phonemes are plays an important role of stability.

QianNaiRong (Shanghai) language development.

Shanghai dialect has been considered the most influential and representative of chuzhou dialects, due to rapid change of population fusion, already more and more representative and the characteristics of chuzhou lost.

Therefore said Shanghai dialect has become a “silent” tone is the unique Chinese dialects pitch stress.

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