Taikang Lu Tian Fang

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Taikang Lu Tian Fang

[Past] had a number of former factory

Shanghai, Tian Fang, from their old transform into art Square Lanes. To say “Tian Zhi Fang” should talk in Tai Kang Road in Shanghai, Tai Kang Road was originally a side street in Da Pu Qiao area, 1998 years ago, this was still a street market, since the district government in September 1998 after the implementation of the road market burglary to Taikang road re-laying the road, Shanghai will position it as “features Street.” By the end of 1998, the famous painter Chen Yifei, Er Dong Qiang, Wang Jie Yin, Wang Chun and other artists, and some craft stores have settled in Tai Kang Road, so that this little-known feature of street art and the wind started blowing.

“Tian Corner” was originally a small lane in a number of old factory, now get to build factories within the artistic essence of Tai Kang Road. An old factory into the studio, after the decorative arts reflect the decidedly different style and atmosphere. Now, within a five-layer Square, an old factory has been converted into “urban industrial buildings,” introduced in the 5000 square meters in 10 countries and regions of art groups, artists set up in the lanes and alleys where the design room, studio, transformed into a stand the global avant-garde, fashion forward positions on the.

[Wandering] the whole alley are foreign friends

Shanghai Tian Square to stroll, then, we must take leisure, doing nothing, and there is a respect for art, like the English heart.

Random, stop-go. Best to sit down to drink tea or coffee, eating authentic western food at noon, with a smile, looking foreigners. Because almost the entire alley are foreign friends, they particularly like the old Shanghai of this, “You Nong Nong I” and style, some old, some creativity, some pretending to elegance. Sitting in the street cafes, watching people come and go, there are wedding photographs of the newcomers, there are whispers of foreigners, there are busy-looking alleys Aborigines. Most of the old walls have new works of graffiti, colorful and relaxed people mentality and feel that is a “100 no scruples” free paradise.

Enough rest, the left to see a studio, and then some Amoy hand crafts. Because Tian Square itself is a creative world, then stationed in each of a shop here, from design to product is unique, every owner of a shop is the creative wisdom shines. This makes travel around the country used to seeing a lot of tourist cities in the eyes of a unified national product, has been touched by the passion of a sudden.

[People] was so soaked in coffee shops

IVY (User): I like a coffee shop, called “Dan.” I remember the first time and friends in the “Dan” on the second floor sitting under a small skylight, finished work very fine Japanese cuisine, and then enjoy first-hand from the off I was only a high glass roof flows down the sun, like himself soaked in coffee and the sun filled with air, not hypocritical, is happy. “Dan” is the owner of the older Japanese, the wife is Chinese, after retirement with his wife back to China. Nest home in such a day filled with the aroma of coffee huts, the everyday cook the coffee seriously, such a life of happiness are so inadvertently.


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image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace