Tian Fang so why fame?

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Chen Yifei: Zhejiang Zhenhai people, renowned Chinese painter. In 1985, U.S. oil magnate Hamoboshi visit to China, and once the works of Chen Yifei “memories of home – Double Bridge” as a gift to Deng Xiaoping.

Er Dong Qiang: well-known photographer, the reporter. By western media as “scholar-artist”, had been “Times” reported.

Fame process:

, Lane 210 Tai Kang Road, Tian Fang, and an inconspicuous Shanghai Alley. The original lane of some abandoned inside the plant, a mechanical storage, but also food warehouse. It is because of Chen Yifei, Er Dong Qiang and Huang Yongyu the presence overnight fame.

An alley wearing red armbands with the subject of the old man whom I know, half of an alley, “Chen Yifei’s all.” Bookstore to the source from the Han Tian Fang, Er-Dong strong feeling is that a large space, so they can play a number of bookstores could not play in the Chinese source of fun programs. Tian Fang settled after the Deke Erh Art Center in less than one year’s time, has organized a salon opera, jazz, piano recitals and a variety of photographic exhibition, print exhibition and many other activities. Deke Erh’s goal is to make his art storage facility for domestic and international non-governmental exchanges between artists, venues.


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image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace