Bon-Garden to carry out fire drills

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Expo News Network January 26: Yesterday, 15:30 or so, under construction in the Expo theme of the museum reported a sudden out of the fire on the theme museum city life zones (Theater) due to the internal electricity inadvertently give rise to “burn”, the museum the staff have fled. Less than 3 minutes, several fire engines roaring, firemen carrying a stretcher into the emergency … … In fact the museum, which is at the World Expo Shanghai fire department conducted a large-scale fire drill.

Bon-Garden to carry out fire drills


Yesterday, the Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion at the fire department to carry out a large-scale fire drill.
Firefighters equipped with portable fire fighting equipment backpack, and can carry about 30 kg of water.

3 minutes 10 fire engines arrived at the scene
Located in Pudong, the theme of the Expo Center west axis is now Asia’s first large-span space for the display architecture. Currently the main stadium has been completed, the ongoing interior decoration. “Exhibit phase flare electrokinetic and more time is focused on the potential of fire.” Shanghai fire fighting and training, Deputy Director of Tang Shu-Jiang introduced the theme of the Expo Hall as a permanent venue construction, complex and novel structure, not only astonishing span, large venue is also built a small complex, built house to house fire fighting and rescue to bring new challenges. The day’s exercise, both venues in order to further familiarize themselves with fire-fighting facilities, structure, and also to test the fire department to start a “1,3,5,10” early warning mechanism.
Accordance with the start of the early warning mechanism, discovered the fire after three minutes the fire engines within the Expo area to be rushed to the scene. The exercise, less than two minutes, stationed in the Expo area in the weeks ferry squadron, a unit the Expo, the Expo with three detachments will be 10 fire engines rushed to the scene. 3 minutes on the theme museum on the 10th out of the northwest side of the entrance, then connected to the two water cannon to put out the fire sprinkler venues.

3 minutes fire engines rushed to the theme of the Expo Hall fire.

At this point, a combat team also quickly spot into a museum, and to fire the city life zones set up positions, water spray to prevent the spread of fire. While stopped at the west side of the stadium is fast rising ladder truck ladder, the use of aerial ladders roof rescue trapped personnel, and facilities for the use of high pressure water jet to the theme of the fight against the fire hall outside. Less than 20 minutes, a fire in a complex site, it was quickly extinguished.
Carry-gun fire 1 minute
“Every time I exercise, and the exhibit are racing against time ah.” Tang Shu-Jiang introduction, the park built more than 150 venues in the fire drills are conducted, each more than an exercise, the officers and men of the venues can be more likely we’re familiar with, but with the Most venues have moved into the exhibit period, so that fewer and fewer opportunities for large-scale exercises, fire departments are losing no time to seek training opportunities to ensure that all officers and soldiers fighting in the structure of each venue, facilities and be aware of.
Tang Shu-Jiang said the military exercise successfully tested the strength of the exposition scene in three minutes the fire system for detecting the large-span structures and the coordinated operations of the fire fighting capability. The next few months, the fire department has organized a similar large-scale exercise will be.
The fire department, at present the World Expo zone “1,3,5,10” early warning system is reaching maturity, the park planned layout of the three fire stations and four fire units have been more than half of the World Expo in place. According to reports, the fire department recently introduced a number of power-storage Backpack portable fire extinguishing equipment, designed to ensure that 1 minute firemen rushed to the scene control the use of fire.
This “carry gun” can be carrying about 30 kg of water from fire service, carried out by a battery-driven spray gun, with strong flexibility, the device is not subject to site constraints, as long as the firemen to reach the place, we can guarantee the water fight to control the initial fire. According to reports, during the World Expo of these equipment will be widely used for inspecting fire fighting teams and scouts in the.


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