Shanghai pudong administrative divisions of detailed history

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On October 11, 1992 established under the approval: Shanghai pudong new area, revocation of pudong new area, county of chuansha administrative area including the original chuansha county, the county, township, Shanghai huangpu district, three Lin, nanshi district of pudong, yangpu district. (note: January 1993 the establishment of pudong new area.
March 1993 yangpu jehiel pu road pudong area of street, nanshi district, TangQiao house crossing south, wharf, particularly procured four streets and Yang town, Shanghai counties and townships of sanlin huangpu district of pudong part of pudong new area formally.
In 1997, and the town was revoked chuansha town, establishes a new chuansha town. Established in July, PuXing sub-district offices, and the new bridge by new land. A total of 13, the end of the street, 28, a neighborhood, 325 407 a villagers committee.
In 2000, YanQiao HuaMuZhen revoked HuaMuZhen; set up new town, GaoQiaoZhen revoked, LingQiao GaoQiaoZhen; set up new town, GaoDong revoke the YangYuan, set up new town, GaoDong town, Despite the revocation, gong road, road, the CaoLu town, Jinqiao ZhangQiao town, the cancellation, establish new jinqiao town etc.
At the end of 2000, pudong new area with 11 street, 16 town, 2402343 population (according to the data of the fifth population census data).
In 2001, the town, HuaMuZhen cancellation qin, set up the new HuaMuZhen, Cancel the state-level, six town and sunqiao, set up the new corp.and. On June 22, approved by the municipal government of pudong new area DongGou renamed the high line.
At the end of 2002, pudong new area with 11 street, 13 towns, neighborhood committees, 283 531 a village.
At the end of 2003, pudong new area with 11 street, 13 towns, 540 committees, village committees, 176.69 272 million population, the area 569.57 square kilometers.
On June 30, 2004, pudong new area with 11 street, 13 towns, a meeting, 266 a 539 village. Sept. 30, 2004, the pudong new area with 11 street, 13 towns, neighborhood committees, 266 a 561 a village.
In 2005, the Shanghai municipal people’s government (Shanghai office [2005] no. 106, revoke approval) agreed JiChangZhen pudong new area, the establishment and chuansha town chuansha town. The administrative area of chuansha town for the original JiChangZhen, the administrative area. Chuansha
5 July 2009, the nanhui area will cancel nanhui area of pudong new area into the administrative areas.

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