The classification of hotel

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The commercial hotel. It is mainly engaged in business activities of reception guests, for business activities. This kind of hotel guests demanding requirement, the geographical position close business center city or hotel. The passenger generally not season influences major changes. The commercial hotel facilities and service function more perfect.

Degree of pseudo hotel. It is to receive guests, the holiday at the seaside, build more hot springs, scenic spot nearby. The operation of the seasonally strong. Degrees are relatively perfect pseudoaneurysm hotel requires the entertainment equipment.

Stay sex hotel. For tenants provide accommodation services for a long time. This hotel rooms, with more than family structure to give priority to, the room concurrently to suite is a family to use only one person, outsiders of use for a single room. It provides general hotel services, and provides general family services.

Meeting of the hotel. It is the hotel reception conference travelers, besides accommodation for meeting the entertainment representing provide limousine station, meeting, video camera, printed material travel service, etc. Require a more perfect service facilities (size conference room, simultaneous interpretation equipment, etc) and functional entertainment facilities.

Sightseeing sex hotel. Mainly for sightseeing tourists attractions built in more than service, not only to meet operating characteristics, to live, eat tourists a public service facilities, in order to meet the tourists rest, entertainment, shopping and travel to the comprehensive to get rich and colorful life, mentally and physically.

Economy hotel: for ChuChaZhe tourism economy hotel, the price is low, service, convenient. Features but say come quickly to achieve rapid pace, overall, mutual accommodation and businessmen.

Hotel chains: hotel chain is exquisite, such as the economy hotel Mozart’s famous brand hotel and family-like, combined market share is growing.


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